Everything you wanted from a thread to fabrics

Over the last two decades, Relishah has always looked at the customer needs as the starting point of all processes and however have successfully integrated fabrics also in our product profile, besides the 100% cotton yarn.

Products Offered:

Cotton Yarn:

Counts : 12 to 120's Single as well as two ply

We have a range of products, which can be utilized for inumerable uses.

The range comprises:

  • Organic Yarn
  • Open End
  • Ringspun (Carded, Combed)
  • Compact
  • Elitwist
  • Slub Yarn

You can be rest assured about the finish and strength of our yarns.

Count Range     16'S to 120'S

Open End           NE 10'S to NE 20'S

Ringspun            Carded or Combed Single or Double(TFO or Ringdoubled)

Processed          Dyed, Gassed and Gassed Mercerised. As per customer's requirement.

Compact             NE 30'S to 100'S

Elitwist               NE 40/2 to NE 140/2.

Knitted Fabric   Single Jersey, Interlock and Rib.

Woven Fabrics 100% cotton, 200 TC, 240 TC, 400 TC,600 TC, 1000 TC, Plain Satin,Percales and Satin Stripes.

Indian Crystal Sugar:

Relishah is involved in export of all kinds of Sugar products

Premium Rice (BASMATI):

The taste, odor , palatability and digestibility of Relishah premium rice brands are incredibly par-excellent .Well , you have to consume to believe it!!

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